The DIYdoc platform was created to help people tell stories that matter on video. Since launching the Music Origins Project, we have sought a way to engage music lovers and young people alike in the act of documenting the cultural origins of music and art around them. We feel educating young people through filmmaking with the help of our digital storytelling lessons is one of the keys to the development of STEM skills and media literacy in youth.

Please check out the latest Music Origins Project videos and subscribe to the Music Origins Project YouTube Channel to check out our latest videos and to support our cause. We hope to enable our fans and our community to create the stories that power the project. We are working together to put the tools that filmmakers use in the hands of ordinary people using smartphones. We are enabling them to tell their own stories and document music related art forms around them.

The Music Origins Project is seeking Contributors

We are looking for contributors to help us write and document more compelling art forms around the world so that they can be showcased on our website and map.

The aim of the Music Origins Project is to democratize filmmaking and the documentation of cultural art forms by enabling anyone to create high quality stories using inexpensive tools like smartphones. Send your submissions to- david [at] musicorigins [dot] org