Archer Record PressingArcher Record Pressing plant specializes in Record Pressing, Record Mastering, Record Plating and 12 inch records.Archer Record Pressing, is one of 12 record pressing plants left in the US. It is the plant where most of the classic Detroit Techno vinyl records were pressed.

“A big part of the Detroit Techno story is the independent spirit that permeates the music. From Juan Atkins’ Metroplex Records to Mike Banks and the Submerge team to Carl Craig’s Planet E record label, techno musicians have often purposely stayed away from the major labels, running big international distributions out of their Detroit studios. Part of was lack of interest from the American music industry in what they were doing, but another part of it was wanting to stay in control, to not repeat the story which Black innovators get cheated out of their own musical creations.”

The plant was started the place in 1965 and Techno has been a big part of this companies’ business since the 80’s. The Plant is currently run by Mike Archer, the grandson of the original founder.  This plant pressed hits by Metroplex and Transmat records, basically everything that came out of Detroit, and they continue to press much of the Detroit Techno 12 inch vinyl records today… many techno producers from Europe send masters to Archer to be printed just so they can say that their records were pressed in Detroit on the same presses as Juan Atkins and Derrick May. This business it is a big part of Detroit’s indie music scene and history.

The film God Said Give Em Drum Machines documents the history of Techno Music and the tracks that were pressed by MetroPlex Record, Transmat, KMS, and Planet E and many more created their vinyl at Archer Record Press.


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