Gorillaz is one of world’s hottest virtual bands and arguably the first to reach pop stardom with their unique blend of rock, hip-hop and EDM. Their seminal track “Feel Good Inc” actually joined the Spotify Billion Streams Club earlier this year. Gorillaz performed their new single “Skinny Ape” live December 17 in New York and December 18 in London for free. This band continues to make headlines and push the envelope on how VR and AR technology can be used to enhance musical performance by becoming the first musical act to use Google’s ARCore Geospatial API to reimagine the music video. Artists and creators like Nexus studios, the team that created this experience, are using AR to create immersive methods to bring fans and supporters closer to their artwork.

“Gorillaz Presents” is an app-based experience for Android and iOS phones that provides an immersive AR music experience for experiencing the Gorillaz music.

You can try on sneakers on Amazon using AR, or view info about real estate and locations around you using the Google maps technology that powers this website. Augmented reality (AR) is the future of mobile phone interaction with the world by allowing you to use your phone’s camera to blend the physical and digital worlds. It’s transforming the people we learn, and navigate the world. Now it’s transforming how we experience music together.

Google’s newly released ARCore Geospatial API is an open source project that will change the game for geospatial content creators. For over 15 years Google maps has enhanced our understanding of the world using immersive experiences, now experiences can be deployed at world-scale in more than 100 countries. Content creators can now turn cities into live canvases using AI and knowledge Google has compiled from building Google Maps. Real-time animation specialists Nexus Studios, have pushed the envelope and are introducing ARCore Geospatial API to the world and reimagining what’s possible in geospatial programming.

The result is “Gorillaz Presents,” available on Android and iOS: an experience that sees the British band revolutionize the concept of a music video with a world-scale immersive performance that allowed fans to gather together to witness Gorillaz play in larger-than-life AR. Directed by artist and Gorillaz’ co-creator Jamie Hewlett and Emmy-nominated director Fx Goby, the “Skinny Ape” performances utilized AR Core Geospatial API that transforms public spaces with cultural experiences, bringing the world of Gorillaz to life like never before.

What to expect in the geospatial AR experience

Murdoc, 2D, Noodle and Russel towered over fans, interacting with buildings in the middle of the world’s most iconic skyline. The first-of-their kind immersive performances of the band’s new track “Skinny Ape” happened on December 17 in New York City’s Times Square at 2:30 PM ET. The next day the band took over London’s Piccadilly Circus.

To see it in person it will be available to view through June 2023. As a bonus, Android users will see exclusive imagery from the AR experience in the “Gorillaz Presents” as well. Listen to the track below:


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