Recently, I was honored to be invited to my cousin’s wedding. The wedding would take place on what was originally called “Highway 51 South” now known as “Elvis Presley Blvd”. They are to be married in Graceland’s Chapel In the Woods which is on the grounds of Graceland Mansion, which was originally owned by Grace Toof of “Graceland Farms”. The land was purchased by Elvis Presley and his Father Vernon in 1957.

Elvis at Graceland Mansion

Elvis In front of Graceland Mansion

Elvis Presley, originally reared in Mississippi, became the world’s greatest and most well known superstar. He was a young man with a simple dream. He was going to work hard after school and become a driver for the same company in which his father was employed.

Young Elvis, although very simple, had an extraordinary heart and wanted to give his mother the greatest gift for her birthday. He was walking by a recording studio, which was open to the public, and had the idea to record his mother, Gladys, two songs for her birthday for a total of four dollars. Once he began recording, the owner of the studio recorded Elvis on her own to show her husband who had been out for the day. Once her husband, Sam Philips, had returned she showed him and he was blown away with young Mr.Presley’s extraordinary gift for music. Sam furthered Elvis’s career and the world was never the same.

Elvis Room

The most famous room in the house/mansion of our American superstar, is, none other than the “Jungle Room”. This is where Elvis recorded his last two albums and his most soulful tracks. Elvis was awarded with only two Grammys, both for his more “sacred” music.

Elvis home

I believe the world of music would be more advanced and full of soul if Elvis Presley were still singing on this planet. He brought so much to the table as far as talent and technique. Truly stepping up the music game and paving the way for any musician who follows in his footsteps.

(Contributed by Samantha Ann a writer from The Clive Davis Institute x Billboard MUSIC INDUSTRY ESSENTIALS program)


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