Roche Musique Has Led The Emergence Of Independent Labels In New French House

roche musique logoAn independent label started by Jean Janin (Cezare) has led the development of New French House which has profoundly impacted the electronic music landscape. Cezaire met Kartell a little town in the west of France and he became the first artist signed by the label. They have provided the world with timeless classics that continue to be celebrated and remixed by contemporary artists.

This label has fed their fans and the market with innovative artists offering hot beats and infectious grooves that move the dance floor. The team has spread its sound through a radio show called On Source and a festival called Contre-Courant. The record company is also included in the top ten best French labels, according to the media Jack, affiliated with the French television channel Canal.

The label’s legacy continues to shape the electronic music landscape, inspiring innovation, serving as a source of raw creativity, and pushing boundaries. New French House artists like Darius, Zimmer, Kartell, and FKJ have achieved global recognition, extending the genre’s influence far beyond France and contributing to the globalization of electronic music. The New French House movement also underscores the significance of indie labels and the DIY (do it yourself) ethos.

In an interview with the French cultural magazine, Inrocks (Les Inrockuptibles), Cezaire explained: “We all have a base: Funk, House, Soul, Jazz, and Hip-hop music too, but the common thread of it is definitely the groove. Music that instantly makes you want to dance.”

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Independent labels such as Roche Musique have provided a platform for emerging artists, fostering a sense of community and artistic freedom. This movement has encouraged artists to experiment and push the boundaries of electronic music production. The label continues to grow and expand with the recent launch of a ready-to-wear clothing line, the creation of the sub-label – Mineral Records.


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