Future is Now Experience is the livestream incarnation of the physical multimedia exhibition of the same name. The ethos is based on the intersection of art and music curated in a gallery setting. The inaugural event happened in 2011 in Detroit and has also been presented in Miami and New York City. These events feature up to 100 visual artists and music programming over several days.


Kimyon Huggins, producer, DJ and former MetroPlex label director, has assembled a collective of heavy hitting DJ’s and artists who build off of each other’s artistic vibes live every Sunday straight from the Bushwick section of Brooklyn New York. Resident DJ’s include Sir Roscoe, Lost Cat and many, many more. The Bushwick art scene is exploding due to the close proximity to Williamsburg and it’s authentic gritty vibe. Under the curation of Kimyon and his team and their sponsor Hubcast you can experience the underground from live bands to Grafitti and all levels and wide range of disiplines of street art.

 Kimyon curator of the Future Is Now  [Metroplex 20th Anniversary | MOVEMENT Detroit]

The Future Is Now livestream happens in Brooklyn at No Agenda Studios every Sunday afternoon from 3 – 7 pm EST featuring djs, live acts, live art. The streams don’t stop as surface-level visuals and beats, they are interspersed this with “talk” segments addressing current news and pop culture topics. The conversation juxtaposes individuals from a wide range of socioeconomic, generational, professional and racial belief systems coming together for discourse in an effort to create common ground and understanding. Tune In On Twitch

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3-7 PM EST

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