Lesson Plan: Exploring the History of Detroit Techno

Celebrating The Detroit Techno Icon Juan Atkins

Grade Level: High School (9th-12th grade)

Subject: Music History

Duration: 2 class periods (90 minutes each)


By the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

1. Identify the unique characteristics of the Techno genre.
2. Understand the significance of recognizing creators in a musical art form.
3. Explain why Juan Atkins is considered the originator of Detroit Techno.
4. Recognize artists who have sampled songs by Juan Atkins.
5. Analyze original source documents related to the history of Detroit Techno.
6. Determine the release date of Juan Atkins’ first track.


1. Whiteboard and markers
2. Projector or screen for multimedia presentation
3. Computers/tablets for research (optional)
4. Handouts of relevant articles and source documents
5. Audio clips of Techno tracks, including examples by Juan Atkins

Lesson Plan Part A

Day 1: Introduction to Detroit Techno

Duration: 90 minutes

1. Warm-up (10 minutes): Play a short audio clip of a classic Techno track by Juan Atkins without revealing the artist. Ask students to describe the characteristics they notice in the music. Discuss their observations as a class.

2. Presentation (20 minutes): Use a multimedia presentation to introduce the history of Detroit Techno.

Cover the following topics:
– Origins and development of Techno as a genre
– Unique characteristics of Techno: repetitive beats, use of electronic instruments, minimalistic arrangements
– Techno’s cultural and social context in Detroit
– Reveal the name of the artist Juan Atkins and discuss the importance of recognizing creators and their contributions to music.

3. Group Activity – Recognizing Creators (30 minutes): Divide students into small groups. Provide each group with a list of musical genres and ask them to research and present on a genre and its primary creator. They should discuss why recognizing the creator and the culture the genera came from is important.

4. Discussion (30 minutes): Have each group present their findings. Facilitate a class discussion on the reasons why recognizing creators is important in the music industry.

Day 2: Juan Atkins and Source Analysis

Duration: 90 minutes

1. Recap (10 minutes): Briefly review the key points covered in the previous class regarding Techno and the importance of recognizing creators.

2. Presentation – Juan Atkins and Detroit Techno (20 minutes): Focus on Juan Atkins as the originator of Detroit Techno. Read the article below and discuss his background, his contributions to the genre, and his role in shaping its characteristics.

Reading: Juan Atkins Originated Detroit Techno

3. Discussion – Juan Atkins’ Significance (15 minutes): Engage students in a discussion about why Juan Atkins is considered the originator of Detroit Techno. Encourage them to share their opinions and insights.

Essential Questions

  • What are the unique characteristics of the genre Techno?
  • Why is it important for the creators of a musical art form to be recognized?
  • Why is Juan Atkins considered the originator of Detroit Techno?
  • What other artist have sampled songs by Juan Atkins in their music?
  • What original source documents are shown in this page?
  • When did Juan Atkins release his first track?

4. Activity – Sampled Songs (20 minutes): Introduce artists who have sampled songs by Juan Atkins in their music. Play audio clips showcasing these samples. Discuss the impact of these samples on the broader music landscape.

5. Source Analysis (20 minutes): Print the image below or provide students with links to audio interviews and/or original source documents like web-based or printed articles related to the history of Detroit Techno, including interviews with Juan Atkins and reviews of his tracks. In pairs or individually, students analyze these resources and discuss their insights.

6. Closure (5 minutes): Have students share one interesting fact they learned from the source analysis activity.


– Group presentation on the importance of recognizing creators in different music genres.
– Class participation during discussions on Juan Atkins and the significance of Detroit Techno.
– Analysis of original source documents and sharing insights.


Research and find out when Juan Atkins released his first track. Write a short paragraph explaining its significance in the context of the history of Detroit Techno.

Extension Activities (Optional):

Listening Session: Play a selection of Techno tracks from different eras, including tracks by Juan Atkins, to help students better understand the evolution of the genre.
Artist Profile: Assign students to research and create a presentation on another key figure in the Detroit Techno scene, such as Eddie Fowlkes, Derrick May or Kevin Saunderson.
Create Your Techno Track: Have students experiment with creating their own Techno track using digital music software or apps.

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