Learn about digital storytelling through the creation of a short documentary film, PSA or promo video on social issues or life around you. This course has been created for students (grade 5 and above) to learn about the process used to create short films, promo videos, or social content using smartphones and inexpensive video creation tools.


Digital Storytelling is a course that can be signed up for as part of our partnership with Making A Brand™.


Making A Brand™ is an educational portal that empowers lifetime learners with insights into the skills needed to build their personal brands while providing entrepreneurs with insider industry info and an understanding of the skills needed to reach their business goals. We collaborate with passionate leaders and visionary entrepreneurs to launch new businesses, and we bring bold ideas to life.

This course is currently free during the Beta stage so we appreciate your feedback on the course as it evolves. Sign up below to learn more about digital storytelling.

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