Rosé, The “Pride of BLACKPINK”, stuns on Fallon with record-breaking solo debut. [WATCH]

 Launched in the summer of 2016, YG Entertainment’s flagship girl band BLACKPINK is nothing short of an utter (and international) phenomenon. After releasing their first album (called “The Album”), their first full-length documentary (Netflix’s “Light Up The Sky”), and their first virtual concert “The Show”, which was virtually attended by over 250,000 of their most […]

Introducing aespa: SM Entertainment creates a part avatar K-pop group and the future of music

Since opening their doors for the first time in the year 1995, South Korea’s SM Entertainment has always had rather grandiose musical ambitions. Home to dozens of acts of varying sizes, concepts, generations and sub-types, the label’s roster has essentially taken on a life of its own and a quarter-century later, SME is pushing said […]